We are in the midst of an intense heat wave here in Texas. It’s been over 100 degrees for about two weeks now with no plans of stopping any time soon. So what are we to do when it’s too hot to really go outside but we still want to take some pictures? We come up with some indoor photography projects!

Indoor Photography Projects Ideas

I’m not the biggest of fan of shooting indoors unless it’s for real estate or architectural shoots. However, it can be good practice to put your photographic skills to the test when it’s just too hot to go outside. Here are some indoor photography project ideas to help you get through those unbearably hot summer days.

Project 1: Shoot Your Houseplants

Houseplants make perfect subjects for a couple of reasons. First, they don’t move making them easy to photograph, and easy to practice new techniques on. Second, they’re pretty. Whether you have one house plant or many, there are tons of different ways to photograph them and get your creative juices flowing on those hot summer days.

Project 2: Photograph Your Pets

For many of us, photographing our pets is second nature. We’re constantly snapping away when they are doing something cute. However, getting good, somewhat professional looking shots of our pets is easier said than done. Do I have any tips on how to do this? No, not really. My cat is a monster and every time she sees a camera has to come investigate. However, when we’re both stuck inside due to weather, trying to get her to sit still for a few decent photos makes for a good indoor photography project.

Project 3: Practice Flat Lays

indoor photography

A flat lay is essentially arranging several items in an appealing way and then photographing it from above. You’ll see this style of photographing used sometimes in product advertisements and food blogs and magazines. Photographing flat lays is a great way to practice both photography techniques and your aesthetic and styling abilities. Find something in your house – a favorite book or journal, some nice jewelry, a favorite coffee mug – and place it on a neutral background. Now find some other objects that compliment your object and arrange them around it. Photograph straight on from above. You can also adjust your aperture and shoot some detail photos of your objects. Voila! That’s all there is to flat lays.

Project 4: Shoot Your Space

Interested in architecture or real estate photography? Your living space is the perfect place to practice, even if it’s just a tiny one bedroom apartment. Before you start, tidy up a bit and do a bit of staging. Take a variety of shots including some wide angle shots of the full space, some cozier shots of specific areas and some up close and detailed shots of certain features. Photographing your living space is the perfect indoor photography project to help you try your hand at architectural photography.

Indoor Photography Projects for Hot Summer Days

I think summer has become my least favorite time of year, at least in regards to photography. But, just because it’s too hot to enjoy being outside doesn’t mean you have to put your camera away. There are tons of indoor photography projects to help you express your creativity, and put your photographic skills to the test.


Hey there! My name is Leah and I'm a photographer, blogger and wanderer from north Texas. I've been doing photography for nearly a decade now and absolutely love it. My day job is real estate photographer and in my free time you can often find me at a park taking pictures of leaves and flowers. Outside of that my fiance and I love to travel. We spent nine months backpacking through Europe and now spend our free time attempting to plan and going on shorter trips both in the States and abroad.

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