Hey there!

I’m Leah and welcome to the Wandergraph! This is probably my ninth or tenth blog in the past ten years. All of them have been about photography and travel. Anyways, a little more about me. I’ve been practicing photography (seriously, at least) for about fifteen years now. In that time I’ve discovered a love and passion for nature, landscape, travel and architectural photography. I work as a real estate photographer in the DFW metroplex shooting homes and projects for realtors, designers and contractors. When I’m not doing that, I’m working on this blog, running an Etsy shop, at a botanical garden or park taking pictures of leaves, or editing or re-editing photos. Occasionally my fiance and I are planning on planning a trip. I’m also a cancer survivor.

The Trip of A Lifetime

In 2016 my fiance and I quit our jobs and bought a one-way ticket to Iceland. Over the next ten months we backpacked through Europe. We met new friends, ate all of the food, drank some beers and traveled to places many people only dream of. We learned a ton about history and culture, food and art, and the lives of the locals in the places we were visiting. We learned even more about traveling – especially on a budget.

We’ve been home for a few years now, but this trip lives on vividly in our memories. We still talk about it frequently, and often friends will ask questions about the places we’ve been. Due to some unfortunate circumstances (and some poor planning), we’re not currently planning another trip like this, but we do like to get away for shorter periods of time. Whether it’s a cross country road-trip, a week-long jaunt back to Iceland, or camping a few hours away from home, we are always looking for our next adventure.

The Wandergraph

The Wandergraph has undergone a lot of iterations over the years. It started as just a travel diary for family when we were in Europe. However, sometime over the last few years, I decided to take it a bit more seriously. I wanted to create a space where I could share my photography while also providing information and stories that may be helpful to others.

And then I got sick. And everything – my job, my hobby photography, traveling, blogging – got put on hold. There’s an eight month gap in posts because when you’re going through chemo, there isn’t room for much else. I thought about starting a blog about life with cancer, but it turns out I’d rather write about traveling and photography. I’m getting better now. I’m rebuilding my business, getting my life back on track, and hopefully, on the cusp of building something amazing with the Wandergraph.

My goal for the Wandergraph is to create a space to share knowledge and helpful advice about photography, travel, life on the road and occasionally a story about cancer. And more often than not a handful of photos. I hope you enjoy.

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