Are you ready to see fifteen pictures of the same mountains from slightly varying angles? Good news, you’re in the right place. The mountain range in question is the Vestrahorn in south Iceland and the pictures are all mine. And in case you were wondering 25% of the reason I started this blog was to force my photography (however good or bad) onto the world. Enjoy!

Vestrahorn, Iceland in the Morning

If you’re wondering what the heck a Vestrahorn is, it’s a stunning mountain range in south Iceland situated just off the ring road. A visit here will provide you with stunning views of the mountains, black sand beaches, cool driftwood and a viking village. There’s also a campground and a little cafe and it’s not super far from Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, so if you’re already in the area, you shouldn’t miss it.

The Viking Village

Okay, so the viking village at Vestrahorn isn’t actually real. It’s a film set built for a film that was never actually made. The owner of the land turned it into an attraction, and for a small fee you can spend some time exploring it. Despite the fact that the village isn’t real, it’s still fun to explore. Plus the walk to the village is beautiful.

Vestrahorn Reflections

The walk to and from the viking village offers unbelievable views of the surrounding landscape. This landscape is dotted with many pools of shallow water. On a still day these pools become perfect reflecting pools. We got super lucky with the weather during our visit to Vestrahorn. It was warm and sunny but with some beautiful wispy clouds in the sky. There was a breeze but it wasn’t too much. And thus, these pools offered some amazing reflections of the mountains and the sky above.

Vestrahorn Iceland

Black Sand and Driftwood

Vestrahorn, Iceland

Next, it was on to the beach. You’ll find black sand throughout a lot of Iceland, but this beach really stood out to me. The sand was fine and almost purely black which made for a gorgeous foreground. Patches of beach grass, driftwood, and a few rocks and boulders dot the beach but they don’t crowd it. They do, however, add to the dramatic landscape.

Black sand beach and Driftwood Vestrahorn, Iceland
Black Sand Beach at Vestrahorn Iceland
Black Sand Beach

Shooting at Vestrahorn, Iceland

Tips for Better Travel Photos at Vestrahorn, Iceland

I often times wish I was a morning person. I also wish I was a more patient photographer. These are both things I’m working on, but for now I can only imagine what Vestrahorn would have looked like in the early hours of the day. The sun just coming up over the sea and splashing color through the sky, the clouds wispy and tinged pink and orange, the mountains doused in golden sunlight. It sounds like a dream.

Even without a dreamy sunrise (or sunset) to complement the scene, Vestrahorn still became one of my all time favorite places to shoot. I shot multiple exposures for most of my images so I could do an HDR blend later, but I ended up only using one exposure in most cases. Even though it was late morning, the light here was beautiful. The clouds helped add some softness to the light and drama to the scene. I think no matter the shooting circumstances, Vestrahorn would have become one of my favorite places and I’m so glad we got the opportunity to go here.

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