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Welcome to The Wandergraph, a blog that blends my passions for travel and photography and lets me talk about them in one place. I have had a love for both of these things since I was a teenager and my passion for them has only grown throughout the decades.

I am not the greatest at either thing. My fiance and I are what we call “lazy travelers”. We take our time, we don’t see everything and we are terrible at planning. But we love to wander and explore and I love to write about our adventures.

I’m a bit better at the photography side of things. I run a real estate photography business at home (which requires a lot of planning) and try to get out as much as possible to shoot the local landscapes. When traveling I shoot as much as I can, however I have I learned that sometimes it’s okay to just take in the views and enjoy the experience.

The Wandergraph

The Wandergraph will cover a lot of things within the photography and travel niches and hopefully tie them together in ways that are useful to you – my fellow wanderers and photographers. I hope to offer travel tips and photography guides to make your next adventure as fun and stress-free as possible. Through this blog I hope I am able to help my fellow travelers and photographers plan awesome trips and take some amazing photos along the way.

So grab your passports and get your camera batteries charged and let’s go find an adventure!


Hey there! My name is Leah and I'm a photographer, blogger and wanderer from north Texas. I've been doing photography for nearly a decade now and absolutely love it. My day job is real estate photographer and in my free time you can often find me at a park taking pictures of leaves and flowers. Outside of that my fiance and I love to travel. We spent nine months backpacking through Europe and now spend our free time attempting to plan and going on shorter trips both in the States and abroad.

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