As I am writing this it is pouring down rain and my cat is sleeping in this little rolling cart we got for free that has a blanket on it. The cart is right next to my desk. The cat likes to be close. At least until the other humans get home. I hoped I would never have to write a post like this. Actually, I never really thought about writing a post like this. It never really crossed my mind. That is until mid March when something started feeling off. By July I’d had surgery and we knew it was cancer. So now, what does the future hold?

I’ve wanted to be a travel and photography blogger for years. I’ve started and subsequently killed at least a dozen blogs in the past decades. Each time I’ve learned a bit more about blogging and content creation, I’ve had a few more trips under my belt, I’ve gotten better at photography. I was sure this was the time. The Wandergraph was going to be the blog even though it wasn’t the name I wanted to call it. I had big plans for this one. Then – a diagnosis nobody ever wants to get. I’d barely even started this blog before all my attention was pulled away.

So, what does the future hold? The next five to six months (maybe longer) are accounted for – chemotherapy and recovery. I don’t know how I will do on chemotherapy. It’s different for everyone. Some people get by with few side effects, some sleep through a lot of the worst aches and pains and some suffer greatly during their treatments. I hope I will be okay and can live life as normally as possible for now. I imagine there will be suffering, but I’m a tough woman, I can handle it. It’s what comes after that’s so scary. I know there will be months and years of testing to see if the disease is gone, or contained or coming back. I know there will be fear.

We had so many plans for this year. My photography business was doing fantastic. My fiance got a new job. We were planning on planning a trip to the Northeast to see the fall foliage. I was exploring remote and passive revenue streams so we could take more trips and maybe even buy a house. I was writing this blog. Most of that has been put on hold in lieu of doctors appointments, medical tests and a surgery and now chemotherapy. The money has trickled away to co-payments and insurance premiums. We now have plans for this weekend – my last hurrah before chemo. After that the calendar is blank.

So what does the future hold? As I am coming out of the fog of diagnosis I’m still setting goals for myself – keep the photography business running, work on the blog, exercise and eat right, go to the dentist and read more. But the main one is get healthy. After that, the future is a blank page waiting to be filled and the world is an open book ready to be explored. And this disease won’t stop me.


Hey there! My name is Leah and I'm a photographer, blogger and wanderer from north Texas. I've been doing photography for nearly a decade now and absolutely love it. My day job is real estate photographer and in my free time you can often find me at a park taking pictures of leaves and flowers. Outside of that my fiance and I love to travel. We spent nine months backpacking through Europe and now spend our free time attempting to plan and going on shorter trips both in the States and abroad.


  1. Hey, Leah. I just wanted to stop by and say hello and thanks for following LeightonTravels. Your photography is absolutely stunning and in the upcoming days I will set aside some time to give your posts the attention they deserve. I am truly sorry to read about the sudden turn things have taken for you. I wish you full recovery and all the strength and support you’ll need to go through chemo. Keeping you in our thoughts.

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